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7th Edition

Announced on May, 2024



Best Narrative Short


Director: Francis Luscianne Javier Gacer

Best Documentary Feature

Get Me To 21 - The Jenna Lowe Story

Director: Adele Joy Lucas

Best Documentary Short


Director: Jessica Portuondo

Best Actress

Shang Gao

Through life and death

Best Cinematographer

Idan Menin

The Way of The Wind

Best Composer

Manu Martin

Symphonic Fantasy: Cine Concert with Animation and Orchestral Magic

Best Experimental

Death and the Girl

Director:Johanne Holten, Maria Albrechtsen Mortensen

Best Art Film

Aeon Oz

Director: Heinz Kasper

Best Student Film

Guiding Light

Director: India Anne Mitchell

Best Independent Film


Director: Ashleigh’ ANN Wood, Joe Boi

Best Female Director

Lauren P. Tyree

Remember me

Best Short Script

Frankie and Frankie

Fran Sisco

Best Feature Script

Bad Love Strikes

Kevin L. Schewe

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