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Best Narrative Short
The Journey
Director: Andrés Hidalgo

Best Documentary Feature 
Director: Pepi Romagnoli

Best Documentary Short
The Sculptor's Wife: A Love Story in Documentation
Director: Traci L Slatton

Best Director: 
Lucinda´s Pandora
Director: Sylvia Piechocki Gonzalez

Best Actress
Shadka Akila
Into the box

Best Actor
Stefan Lialias
Seven Birds

Best Experimental 
Roots Out
Director: Ivan Knyazev

Best Animation 
Office Pool: Orientation
Director: Rory D.L. Moorer

Best Art Film
"Moving Toward Infinity"
Director: Mimi Garrard

Best Independent Film 
The adventures of Tracajare
Directors: Joaquim Haickel, Sergio Martinelli

Best Female Director 
Dear Dr. Bergman
Director: Gloria Trinidad Deocón

Best Short Script 
The Color of the Evening Sky
Writer: Linda Kampley

Best Feature Script 
Race For Love
Writer: Heather Wiggins McKinley

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